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Four Oaks & District Darts

Season 2021/2022Division 2Match No. 17

Heartlands   Rosey Mac's
CaptainsS. Cain1v0A. Poole
SecretariesA. Downes1v0S. Wright
SinglesJim Frost2v0N/A
 A. Downes2v0N/A
 Matthew Cain2v0N/A
 I. Jones2v0N/A
 G. McCormack2v0N/A
 John Frost2v0N/A
 J. Rogers2v0N/A
DoublesRyan Cain & C. Austin2v0N/A & N/A
 S. Cain & Sue John2v0N/A & N/A
Player of MatchMatch ClaimedMatch Conceded