Four Oaks & District Darts League

Derek Masters Singles

26th March 2019

Venue: Red Lion Erdington Deadline : 8.15pm
S. Abbott Bishop VeseyL. Barbaran Erdington ArrowsR. Kavanagh The Boot
M. Downer Bishop VeseyR. Bazeley Erdington ArrowsP. Opieler The Boot
A. France Bishop VeseyM. Kane Erdington ArrowsT. Tyrie The Boot
V. Kaloudis Bishop VeseyM. Phillips Erdington Arrows 
M. Norton Bishop VeseyK. Smith Erdington ArrowsL. Cooksey The Digby
D. Quirk Bishop VeseyJ. West Erdington ArrowsA. Linehan The Digby
C. Sammons Bishop Vesey H. Sadler The Digby
N. Sammons Bishop VeseyD. Vickers Golden HindT. Streeter The Digby
N. Smallwood Bishop VeseyT. Vickers Golden HindD. Thompson The Digby
D. Walton Bishop Vesey K. Tooze The Digby
 B. Hughes Red LionG. Wood The Digby
M. Ashton Boldmere St MikesR. O'Grady Red Lion 
S. Edwards Boldmere St MikesC. Ray Red Lion 
A. Kimberley Boldmere St MikesL. Vickers Red LionW. Cadby The Fox
B. Liggins Boldmere St Mikes A. Cooksey The Fox
J. Liggins Boldmere St MikesJ. Collins St Thomas's Social ClubK. Green The Fox
B. Linnecor Boldmere St MikesM. Corfield St Thomas's Social ClubM. Horacek The Fox
C. Millward Boldmere St MikesI. Lloyd St Thomas's Social ClubJ. Hughes The Fox
C. Perry Boldmere St MikesI. Matthews St Thomas's Social ClubS. Hughes The Fox
B. Stephens Boldmere St MikesK. Shorthouse St Thomas's Social ClubD. Perry The Fox
M. Wild Boldmere St MikesL. Shorthouse St Thomas's Social ClubM. Willetts The Fox
S. Alexander Boldmere TapM. Archer The Boat 
R. Davies Boldmere TapN. Clarke The BoatR. Barritt The Oscott Social
N. Garbett Boldmere TapK. Deeley The BoatG. Bushell The Oscott Social
A. Gough Boldmere TapS. Harvey The BoatP. Graham The Oscott Social
K. Gow Boldmere TapW. Mynard The BoatR. Graham The Oscott Social
A. Humphriss Boldmere TapC. O'Neil The BoatD. Haskins The Oscott Social
J. O'Connor Boldmere TapM. Partridge The BoatD. Hodgkins The Oscott Social
 J. Prince The BoatT. Purcell The Oscott Social
J. Clarke Drakes DrumK. Reynolds The BoatP. Willis The Oscott Social
A. Day Drakes Drum  
N. Goldie Drakes DrumC. Fleuren The Boot 
R. Hasluck Drakes DrumG. Gaughan The BootJ. Addison The Towers
A. Lilley Drakes DrumJ. Kavanagh The BootS. Bell The Towers
J. Mahon Drakes DrumM. Kavanagh The BootA. Poyner The Towers