Four Oaks & District Darts League

Preliminary Round Brian Goodman Cup

 Home Team   Away Team
  Oct 8thBishop Vesey7v2Castle Vale Residents
Boldmere St Mikes9v0Deers Leap
Erdington Arrows6v3The Digby
Golden Hind5v4Drakes Drum
Old Oscott Arrows8v1Walmley CSC Flights
Pint Pot Flights5v4Oscott Sports
Red Lion7v2Walmley CSC Arrows
Rosey's Chaps3v6Boldmere Tap
Rosey Mac's4v5Sutton Sports
St Thomas Arrows6v3The Towers
The Boat9v0Oscott Social Club
The Black Signets3v6Rosey Mac's Leopard
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Preliminary Round Coronation Shield

 Home Team   Away Team
  Oct 29thBoldmere St Mikes11v4Walmley CSC Arrows
Boldmere Tap6v9Walmley CSC Flights
Deers Leap7v8Castle vale Residents
Drakes Drum11v4The Black Signets
Golden Hind14v1Rosey Mac's
Old Oscott Arrows8v7Bishop Vesey
Red Lion7v8Erdington Arrows
Rosey's Chaps6v9Pint Pot Flights
Sutton Sports4v11Oscott Social Club
The Boat11v4Rosey Mac's Leopard
The Digby9v6Oscott Sports
The Towers9v6St Thomas Arrows
Cup Results in detail

First Round Coronation Shield

 Home Team   Away Team
  Nov 12thCastle vale Residents10v5Walmley CSC Flights
Golden Hind4v11Boldmere St Mikes
The Boat12v3Old Oscott Arrows
The Digby11v4The Towers
Drakes Drum   Bye
Erdington Arrows   Bye
Oscott Social Club   Bye
Pint Pot Flights   Bye
Cup Results in detail

First Round Norman Day Cup

 Home Team   Away Team
  Nov 12thDeers Leap11v4Rosey Mac's
Red Lion11v4Sutton Sports
Rosey Mac's Leopard8v7Boldmere Tap
The Black Signets7v8Rosey's Chaps
Bishop Vesey   Bye
Oscott Sports   Bye
St Thomas Arrows   Bye
Walmley CSC Arrows   Bye
Cup Results in detail