Four Oaks & District Darts League
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Season 2017/2018Division 1

1st FixtureHome TeamAway TeamReturn Fixture
Sept 26thOld Oscott ArrowsvThe BoatDec 19th
Match No.1St Thomas's Soc ClubvRoyal Sutton FlightsMatch No.8
Drakes DrumvGolden Hind
The BootvBye
Oct 3rdRoyal Sutton FlightsvOld Oscott ArrowsJan 9th
Match No.2The BoatvSt Thomas's Soc ClubMatch No.9
ByevDrakes Drum
Golden HindvThe Boot
Oct 10thDrakes DrumvRoyal Sutton FlightsJan 23rd
Match No.3Old Oscott ArrowsvByeMatch No.10
St Thomas's Soc ClubvGolden Hind
The BootvThe Boat
Oct 31stRoyal Sutton FlightsvByeJan 30th
Match No.4Drakes DrumvOld Oscott ArrowsMatch No.11
St Thomas's Soc ClubvThe Boot
Golden HindvThe Boat
Nov 7thOld Oscott ArrowsvSt Thomas's Soc ClubFeb 13th
Match No.5The BootvRoyal Sutton FlightsMatch No.12
ByevGolden Hind
The BoatvDrakes Drum
Nov 21stThe BootvOld Oscott ArrowsFeb 27th
Match No.6Golden HindvRoyal Sutton FlightsMatch No.13
The BoatvBye
St Thomas's Soc ClubvDrakes Drum
Dec 5thGolden HindvOld Oscott ArrowsMar 6th
Match No.7Royal Sutton FlightsvThe BoatMatch No.14
Drakes DrumvThe Boot
ByevSt Thomas's Soc Club

Season 2017/2018Division 2

1st FixtureHome TeamAway TeamReturn Fixture
Sept 26thBishop VeseyvPint Pot FlightsDec 19th
Match No.1Red LionvPlough & ArrowsMatch No.8
The FoxvOld Oscott WMC
Erdington ArrowsvBye
Oct 3rdPlough & ArrowsvBishop VeseyJan 9th
Match No.2Pint Pot FlightsvRed LionMatch No.9
ByevThe Fox
Old Oscott WMCvErdington Arrows
Oct 10thThe FoxvPlough & ArrowsJan 23rd
Match No.3Bishop VeseyvByeMatch No.10
Red LionvOld Oscott WMC
Erdington ArrowsvPint Pot Flights
Oct 31stPlough & ArrowsvByeJan 30th
Match No.4The FoxvBishop VeseyMatch No.11
Red LionvErdington Arrows
Old Oscott WMCvPint Pot Flights
Nov 7thBishop VeseyvRed LionFeb 13th
Match No.5Erdington ArrowsvPlough & ArrowsMatch No.12
ByevOld Oscott WMC
Pint Pot FlightsvThe Fox
Nov 21stErdington ArrowsvBishop VeseyFeb 27th
Match No.6Old Oscott WMCvPlough & ArrowsMatch No.13
Pint Pot FlightsvBye
Red LionvThe Fox
Dec 5thOld Oscott WMCvBishop VeseyMar 6th
Match No.7Plough & ArrowsvPint Pot FlightsMatch No.14
The FoxvErdington Arrows
ByevRed Lion

Season 2017/2018Division 3

1st FixtureHome TeamAway TeamReturn Fixture
Sept 26thBrookvale SocialvBoldmere TapDec 19th
Match No.1The Oscott SocialvSt Thomas's ArrowsMatch No.8
Sutton Sports & Social ClubvRosey Mac's
ByevLad In The Lane
Oct 3rdBoldmere TapvThe Oscott SocialJan 9th
Match No.2St Thomas's ArrowsvBrookvale SocialMatch No.9
Rosey Mac'svBye
Lad In The LanevSutton Sports & Social Club
Oct 10thThe Oscott SocialvRosey Mac'sJan 23rd
Match No.3ByevBoldmere TapMatch No.10
Sutton Sports & Social ClubvSt Thomas's Arrows
Brookvale SocialvLad In The Lane
Oct 31stByevThe Oscott SocialJan 30th
Match No.4Boldmere TapvRosey Mac'sMatch No.11
Lad In The LanevSt Thomas's Arrows
Brookvale SocialvSutton Sports & Social Club
Nov 7thSt Thomas's ArrowsvBoldmere TapFeb 13th
Match No.5The Oscott SocialvLad In The LaneMatch No.12
Sutton Sports & Social ClubvBye
Rosey Mac'svBrookvale Social
Nov 21stBoldmere TapvLad In The LaneFeb 27th
Match No.6The Oscott SocialvSutton Sports & Social ClubMatch No.13
ByevBrookvale Social
Rosey Mac'svSt Thomas's Arrows
Dec 5thBoldmere TapvSutton Sports & Social ClubMar 6th
Match No.7Brookvale SocialvThe Oscott SocialMatch No.14
Lad In The LanevRosey Mac's
St Thomas's ArrowsvBye